Asylum seekers and refugees

Recent Publications

January 9, 2002

The gentle revolutionary: essays in honour of Jan Carew

A special issue of Race & Class dedicated to black novelist and anti-colonial activist and thinker Jan Carew.

July 1, 1999

A world to win: essays in honour of A. Sivanandan

This special double issue of Race & Class focuses on the work of one of today's seminal thinkers on Marxism, imperialism and racism, who is also a key figure in the black movement, an often trenchant critic of the Left and an award-winning novelist.

October 1, 1998

The threat of globalism

Globalisation is fast becoming the buzzword to justify the new world economic order.

July 1, 1997

Europe: the wages of racism

This major report lays bare the measures and mechanisms which turn migrants into 'illegals', and asylum-seekers into forced labour.

January 1, 1995

Europe on trial

An indictment of the violation of the human rights of refugees and asylum-seekers across Europe.

April 1, 1994

Aboriginal Australia: land, law and culture

The watershed 'Mabo' judgement on land rights opened a new chapter in Aboriginal history. Issues of self-determination, indigenous control of resources, the making of Aboriginal culture are all explored here - by those involved in these struggles.

January 1, 1994

Inside Racist Europe

How Europe uses popular racism, criminalisation and specious ‘democracy’ to keep out refugees.

July 1, 1993

Black America: the street and the campus

What does the politics of the street signify and how do the academics interpret it?

January 1, 1991

Europe: variations on a theme of racism

This in-depth analysis outlines the specifics of each country's racism, tracing it to its historical and philosophical roots and the country's social formation.

January 1, 1982

A different hunger: writings on black resistance (out of print)

A seminal collection of essays on racism and black resistance from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.